Writing Tasmanian Lives Symposium

Launch and Winter Symposium – “Writing Tasmanian Lives”22–24 June 2022  CALL FOR PAPERS  About us  Writing Lives is a new research program based in the School of Humanities at the University of Tasmania, harnessing existing expertise and building capacity in critical studies of life writing, biography, oral history, microhistory, history of ideas, memoir, and personalContinue reading “Writing Tasmanian Lives Symposium”

Updated Registration for Texts and their Limits: Australia’s Triennial Literary Studies Convention

Victoria University (20-24 July 2021) The link for participants to register for the convention has changed. The new registration link is: https://engage.vu.edu.au/pub/pubType/EO/pubID/zzzz60b5b833da34f398/interface.html

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