AUHE currently tasks three committee to act as working groups on behalf of the members and the discipline in these designated areas:

Learning and Teaching Standards Committee

This working party is investigating issues around employability and employment outcomes for undergraduate and postgraduate students of English Literature. It is also exploring the role of taught masters programs in English Literature and new and emerging pedagogies in teaching the subject at the tertiary level.

Secondary and Tertiary English Committee

This working group aims to:

  1. identify and develop basic knowledge about the secondary-tertiary nexus (in particular, the structure of final-year English in each state and territory)
  2. disseminate that knowledge (via the AUHE website)
  3. identify topics and strategies for further research
  4. use that research to develop and amplify connections between secondary and tertiary teachers of English.

Research Committee

This committee is tasked to pursue issues affecting research in the discipline, prioritising the advancement of research in the broad interdisciplinary fields encompassed.  Its tasks include sourcing and monitoring information on research funding trends and quanta, providing input on qualitative assessments of research infrastructure and outputs, such as journal rankings, facilitating discipline-wide collaboration and representation in the interests of research in the discipline, and monitoring the impact of sector-wide decision making processes on the discipline’s research resources. Members are volunteers drawn from the membership at the AGM.

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