Mission Statement and Values Statement

The Australian University Heads of English (AUHE) is the peak body of tertiary sector English in Australia. It draws together English departments across all universities as well as literary associations.

Mission Statement

The AUHE discusses matters of importance to the field of university English education and research in Australia. It seeks to shape the guiding principles and practices of the field. And it represents and advocates for English academics and students. 

The AUHE addresses issues such as:

  • the significance of literature as a field of education, research, and industry
  • the role of literature as a form of political, ethical, and community engagement
  • the nexus between English in primary, secondary, and tertiary education
  • quality assurance and professional development in pedagogy, research, and student learning and welfare
  • the working conditions of English teaching and research staff, and the learning conditions of students, in Australian tertiary institutions
  • decolonising and indigenising the field of English education and research
  • public interest and concerns in the teaching and learning, research, and administration of English studies at all levels of education.

Values Statement

In undertaking its mission; in advocating for its members, their students and institutions; and, in advancing English education and research in Australia, the AUHE is guided by a set of core values. These values are:

  • Fairness and Equity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Academic freedom

The AUHE affirms the vital contributions literature and literary criticism make to Australian society.