English in Australia 58.2 (2023) – Call for Papers

English in Australia 58.2 (2023) –
‘Literary Studies & Literary Education’

Deadline for full manuscripts: February 28, 2023
Download the CfP here

In issue 55.2 of English in Australia, Kuttainen and Hansen (2020) discussed the complex connections between the worlds of secondary English and university English, acknowledging that “the two systems generally do not talk to each other” (p. 43), and emphasized the importance of structural support for the local, idiosyncratic interactions that take place across the ‘secondary-tertiary nexus’. In volume 58 we take up this call, offering the journal as a space for English educators in both secondary school and higher education contexts to speak to each other through research and scholarship.

This call is for papers in the areas of literary studies and literary education. We are
seeking relevant research on literary texts, as well as research about the teaching of literature, or on the positioning of literature within English studies (tertiary) and the English curriculum (secondary).

We especially welcome and encourage researchers and teachers to share findings and insights from the world of tertiary literary studies that might interest a teacher audience. This could be a paper on a literary work of interest or note, or a paper about what it’s like to teach English or literature studies at university. We also, as always welcome education researchers and teachers to share current scholarly work, which can be anything relating to ‘literary’ aspects of English.

All authors should frame their manuscripts in ways that are relevant to readers in the context of secondary education in Australia.

Manuscripts for this upcoming special issue are invited on the following topics:
● Studies of literary texts, or collections of texts.
● Australian literary studies
● Indigenous literary studies
● Learning and/or teaching literature in secondary or tertiary contexts
● Pedagogy/andragogy in literary studies
● Literary industries and cultures
● Curriculum and assessment in secondary or tertiary literary studies
● Position of literature within the broader English curriculum.

Scholarly papers of between 4000 and 8000 words (including references) should be submitted to https://english-in-australia.scholasticahq.com/.

Guidelines for contributors and information about English in Australia can be found
at https://www.aate.org.au/journals/contribute-to-english-in-australia.

All manuscripts are subject to double blind peer review.

Questions about this CFP can be directed to the following Editors:
Dr Kelli McGraw kelli.mcgraw@qut.edu.au
Professor Philip Mead philip.mead@uwa.edu.au

Kuttainen, Victoria, and Hansen, Claire (2020). Making connections: Exploring the complexity of the secondary-tertiary nexus in English from the perspective of regional Australia. English in Australia, 55(2). 39-51.

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